Our Curriculum

Learning is fun at Busy Bee. Our proven curriculum strengthens self-esteem and builds a firm foundation in language, math, reading and social skills in a warm and encouraging environment. Children who enter Busy Bee are personally supported while they grow accustomed to their new surroundings.

The following information provides an overview of the Busy Bee curriculum. For a detailed introduction please contact us.

Foundation elements are common throughout the school:

  • Classes have dedicated rooms which are tailored to facilitate the age and activities of the children.
  • French instruction is part of all classes and is taught in an engaging, age-appropriate manner.
  • Music and Creative Movement are daily activities.
  • Parental involvement: at Busy Bee parents are an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Children are respected as individuals and learning is experienced in a fun, loving and supportive environment.

Toddlers – Ages: from 14 – 30 months

Classagestudents / teacher ratiomaximum class size
toddler14 - 30 months5 to 110

The Toddler curriculum builds on each child’s curiosity and desire to learn. Our teachers facilitate learning that reinforces self-esteem and self-motivation. Activities are designed to stimulate curiosity and to develop key language, knowledge, motor and social skills. The teacher / child ratio ensures consistent personal interaction, allowing children to progress at a comfortable pace. Parents are closely engaged and provided with a daily written report.

Juniors – Ages: from 2 1/2 to 4 years

Classagestudents / teacher ratiomaximum class size
preschool2 1/2 to 4 years7 to 120

The Junior curriculum prepares children for kindergarten by extending their learning through group activities, fine motor manipulation and broader social skills. We concentrate on a solid foundation for reading, writing and math. Stimulating activities introduce the children to science, geography and phonetics. Particular emphasis is placed on cognitive skills and there is a dedicated area for children who show aptitude for deeper academic learning. Children progress without pressure and their learning is developed through self-motivation and encouragement.

Seniors – Ages: from JK – SK

agestudents / teacher ratio
maximum class size
seniorJK - SK6 to 112

The curriculum at Senior level is strongly educational and carefully complements kindergarten learning. The core elements of writing and math are further developed, while reading is given particular, age-appropriate emphasis. The curriculum features extensive and exciting programs for art, science, geography and music. Computer skills are incorporated into many activities. Teaching continues to be on a very personal level to ensure learning is at a stress-free pace and well rounded in results.

Busy Bee Facilities

  • Access to Busy Bee is restricted and monitored
  • The school is located in central Richmond Hill with easy access to major routes and public transit.
  • For outdoor activities Busy Bee has always featured a large playground in a warm, natural garden setting. The playground is safe and secure.
  • Busy Bee Preschool operates from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Registration and Fees

We offer several tuition fee packages, including:

  • Full year, which includes the Busy Bee summer camp
  • School year only
  • Family discounts
  • Part-time (full day only)