The Busy Bee Philosophy

Busy Bee is a place where children develop based on their natural curiosity and desire to learn. We nurture this desire and guide the children as they play and explore. We provide facilities and activities that stimulate in an atmosphere of self-motivation. Our goal is for each child to develop to their own potential and to gain a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Providing experiences that will aid self-learning is essential to the development of any child.  The philosopher Fredric Frobel believed that children are like a garden, that you must start with rich soil and plant your seeds carefully. Once planted, caring for them in a delicate way will ensure strong roots, stems and eventually a healthy plant. We also build on the ideas of Maria Montessori: learning through real-life skills appeals to children.

We understand that learning does not begin and end with school and so we place particular value on the link between a child’s school and home life. Communication and involvement with parents continues to be a key element of the Busy Bee experience. We ensure that both parent and child are enriched by the learning process.

The Busy Bee Story

Busy Bee was first established as a summer camp in 1989 and swiftly evolved into a full preschool. Located in Connie Drago’s expansive and vibrant home the school played a key role not only as a place of learning but also as a hub of activity for the local community. Connie and her husband Frank, along with their three children, have integrated the school and it’s activities into their everyday lives.

In 2006 the increasing demand for quality, caring preschool places led Connie to plan for a new ‘hive’. From the start she was determined to preserve the nature and feel developed in the original location. The quest began for a property with a distinctive character and enough space to expand facilities and recreate the garden Busy Bees have come to love. In late spring 2007 Connie acquired her dream property and the summer was spent renovating the new location to meet the standards set by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The new Busy Bee will open in January 2008.


Meet Mrs. Connie

After graduating with honours in Early Childhood Education, Connie and a partner opened a half-day preschool program. Following a break to spend time with her own toddlers, Connie established Busy Bee in her Richmond Hill home during 1989, first as a summer camp then as a preschool. She has remained at the forefront of early childhood education and combines the latest formal knowledge with her own consistent “home away from home” atmosphere and structure. Teaching is Connie’s first love, and although Busy Bee is now large enough to require dedicated premises and a larger staff, Connie remains personally involved in each class every day. Richmond Hill is rich with Busy Bee graduates and Connie joyfully receives visits almost daily: to the children Connie is Busy Bee preschool.